About Crown Distributors

A Family Story

Crown Distributors Family

Crown Distributors Inc., was started in 1953 by L.C. Bill Helbert and was the distributor for Adolph Coors Company in Central and North Central Kansas. In 1990 the company was purchased from Bill Helbert by Joe Ritter. Six years later Joe sold Crown Distributors to his son and daughter, Mark Ritter and Karrie Sullivan. In 2005 Crown Distributors Inc. merged with Junction City Distributing Inc. to become what is now Crown Distributors, LLC.

The company continued to grow and in 2007 it purchased Jayhawk Beverage Inc. in Topeka, KS and DeBauge Bros, Inc. in Emporia, KS. Two years later Crown Distributors LLC purchased the Miller distributors of Capital Distributing in Topeka, KS and Heartland Beverage in Manhattan, KS. In 2019, The Nichols (High Country Beverage) family partnered with Mark and Karrie to operate Crown Distributors LLC. In 2020 The Nichols purchased the remaining rights to Crown Distributors to become sole owners.

Today, we’re a family-owned and operated company committed to minimizing our impact on the environment, reducing waste and inefficiencies, supporting our communities, and encouraging responsible consumption of the products we sell. As the second largest Molson Coors distributor in Kansas, we distribute 2.5 million cases a year to 37 counties through warehouses in Topeka and Salina.

Under the guidance of the Nichols Family, the dedicated and hard-working Crown Distributors team maintains the highest product quality standards possible, provides excellent service to our customers, and creates a safe work environment for our employees.

High quality product, attentive customer service, and the concept of segment selling to ensure maximum time, focus, and attention of talented salespeople are directed to a limited number of accounts per day allows the Crown Distributors team to focus on quality, distribution, and retail execution to boost sales and growth for our customers.

A Refreshing Approach to Distribution

Distributing to more than 2,200 accounts, the HCB team delivers thousands of cases every day to be enjoyed by more than a million Colorado residents and visitors. Our approach includes lucrative sales incentives and pay-for-performance programs, enticing shelf management tools, and powerful operational technology. Our mission is to help our suppliers and retailers reach their goals faster and celebrate the results.

Now a nationally recognized leader in the industry, Crown Distributors is known for performance in volume, distribution, and retail execution. We are also recognized for our commitment to quality and service. Our goal is to create a reason to celebrate for everyone involved.

Awards Celebrated

Thanks to the hard work of our employees, Crown Distributors has been recognized with the Molson Coors President’s Award – 2008

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Crown Distributors' Mission

Our goal is to be the best distributor in the country.

In striving to reach this goal, we give our customers superior service, maintain the quality of our products at the highest level, and provide a safe and ideal work environment for employees. We want to generate pride and a desire for personal improvement that we can all celebrate. We also expect and reward aggressive sales efforts that result in sales growth for our retailers and increased market share and profitability for our company and our suppliers.


Crown Distributors' Principles

We will follow safety and quality policies and procedures in everything we do.
We provide our customers with exemplary services and the best value possible.
We have pride in our company and in our individual and team performance.
We are an aggressive team that works hard, maintains a great work ethic, and manages our brands to ensure that all suppliers feature prominently.
We keep community and sustainability in mind when making investments and business decisions.
We have fun.